Dann and his brother, Don, wait for the bats at the Congress St. Bridge in Austin Texas
Dann and his brother, Don, wait for the bats at the Congress St. Bridge in Austin Texas

Jann calls me Dann.   Mom calls me Danny.   Oh yeah, and she spells my last name with an apostrophe: O’Donnell.   The United States Social Security office spells my surname, “ODONNELL”. Anyway you want to say it or spell it is fine, but I go by Dann ODonnell.

It was sometime near the year 1982.  I remember my oldest brother convincing my mother to purchase our first home-computer.  I sat there at the keyboard of ‘my’ ‘TI-99/4a’ for hours, and even entire days, programming various things in Basic computer-language.  One programme that I made emulated one of my first beloved video games–PacMan.  We had no floppy drive, so I recorded the programme via audio cassette recorder.  What a pain…  It was so much fun though.  At around the same time, I took programming classes in school, where I refined my skills in a formal learning setting.  There, our latest technology was called the TRS-80 (trash 80, we now call it).

So, today I enjoy programming the computer and have found an interest in the PHP language for web pages.  I can also provide space on a Web server to host your Web site. Information is on .  There, you can register or transfer a domain name for your site too.

Another factor in my life was the musical influence of my family.  Everyone played an instrument, and my mother taught me to play the piano and organ.  I took up the Horn in grade 6, and have been playing since then.  Some of my musical markers are recorded on my Horn page.  I play the (french) Horn now, professionally freelancing, generally in the region of Austin Texas, U.S.A.. The bulk of my professional time however is spent teaching people to play the Horn. I instruct private lessons in public schools in and near Austin.

Gardening is my hobby, I suppose. I like to grow and care for the ever-expanding inventory of edible plants, trees, and flowers.  Natural Gardener is one of my favourite garden stores to visit.


My Résumé is on Google Docs…